You like the projects supported by Terres Karens and you want to help us?
THANK YOU ! Different opportunities are possible.

ASSOCIATIONS: let’s become partners!

Fair Trade Associations : You can help us to commercialize the products from Mae Woei Clo’s co-operative and sewing workshop: It is a concrete way to find new opportunities for the weavers and seamstress.

Sports associations : Do you organize sporting events? Football matches, rugby matches, marathons, tennis tournaments etc. Play for us! Give visibility to our actions by wearing our jerseys, or by donating a portion of your event’s benefits!

Cultural Associations : Are you an amateur theater troupe? An opera house? An art gallery? Like the troops of the Golden Number in 2013 and the Tréteaux Lyriques in 2016, organize events for the benefit of our projects! Give meaning to your performances and help us to finance our actions on the field.

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INDIVIDIDUALS: commit yourselves!

Organise a private sales of Terres Karens products to benefit the association or your own projects (scouts projects…)

COMPANIES: Sponsor Terres Karens!

Sales : Organise a private sales of Terres Karens products with your company commitee.

Donations : Your company is moving, you are changing some of your equipment, your company is making pens, notebooks or other school equipment? It can be useful on the field!

> Do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance!

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    Vous aimez les projets soutenus par Terres Karens et vous souhaitez nous aider ?
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